Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO is broken into two overruling phases, onsite and offsite optimization. Onsite optimization is a requirement for every website, this is work done on your website content, code, meta tags, images, titles, urls and more. Key words are analyzed and strategically put into your websites meta tags, page titles, content, image alt tags and more, page code is optimized, links to social and business sites.
Off Site Optimization is creating content links, paying for Google add words and more from other external websites back to your site. This is often much more costly. Onsite Optimization can be a much more efficient and cost effective way of optimizing your website.

Below is a check list of what we do with Onsite Optimization:

Keyword research (Check what words are relevant to your industry)
HTML markup and H1 (Check page headings are relevant to key words)
URL structure (Optimize every page URL to rank well)
Internal link structure (Optimize content links within your site)
Readable (SEF) URL's ( Search engine friendly readable URLs)
Metadata: Page Title (Hidden page code for Page Title optimized with key words)
Metadata: Description (Google page results descriptions optimized for every page)
Optimize anchor text (Page anchor links optimized)
Optimize images (Image size, alt tags, image names optimized)
www or non-www URL's (check URLs are not duplicates with www. and non www. urls)
Avoid 404-errors (Check all internal and external page links and apply URL redirects where needed)
301-redirects (As above)
Google Search Console (Use Google Webmaster Tools to create a search index and monitor results)
Sitemap.xml (Create a .xml site map for Google and other search engines to use)
Robots.txt + meta tag (Create a robots.txt file to allow or hide unused folders and links)
Microdata and Rich Snippets (An advanced coding for better Google results display)
Local SEO / Google Business (Create Google pages so your map, open times, phone etc shows up on the right when doing a Google search)
Link building & social media (Face book, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube and more setup cross linking and social pages where needed)
SEO audit (Run various auditing tools to scan and provide reports on the website SEO progress)
Performance & Speed (Check images css and code, compress where possible to reduce page loading speeds, this is important for Google rankings)
SEO extensions (Install extensions to help with SEO ratings depending on the CMS used)
SEO Tools & Audits (Run various audit tools to identify what needs improvement)
Blog (Install a blog, this helps with new content and rankings, best done monthly or weekly)
Manuay add listings to DMOZ - Yahoo directory - Google webmaster tools
Google my bisiness - Add listing to google my bisuness so google knows your address, opentimes, phone, location etc. 

It usually takes 1-2 months to see results as Google can sandbox new websites and re indexes sites randomly. We do the onsite optimization for you, check the results and adjust the SEO where needed. It is strategic and time consuming. For a new website with 5 to 20 pages the cost is usually $500 ex gst to get your site optimized. Contact us today to get started

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